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AVIGA™: HIV/AIDS Functionality

Janssen Diagnostics, LLC has been working as a partner with healthcare professionals in the HIV/AIDS community for more than 15 years. We understand that managing the needs of patients often requires significant resources. The primary responsibilities of Healthcare professionals are to manage patient care and coordinate with other providers. Reporting requirements for Ryan White funding, quality surveillance and grant applications are all tasks that compete for time. All of these activities require easy access to patient data.

We have a long legacy of working with clinical outcomes data, diagnostic measures, and HIV, which makes us well positioned to become a provider of health information technology solutions specifically suited to meet the needs of HIV providers.

Janssen Diagnostics, LLC has tailored solutions to address the increased workload and complex reporting mandates for the professionals who are on the front lines of providing care for people living with HIV/AIDS. Some of the specific HIV/AIDS features and functionality found on AVIGA™ and AVIGA REPORTER™ include:

All patients and patient data used in these example screenshots are fictional.

  • Auto-population of data into the Ryan White RSR required by HRSA. Reports can be generated at a client level and across the entire patient population. AVIGA™ also allows sites the ability to review the report and, if needed, fill in missing information. If your clinic already has an EHR solution, AVIGA REPORTER™ can be interfaced to automate these reports.
    • AVIGA REPORTER™ is one of a select few vendors to achieve Ryan White Services Reporting System (RSR) – Ready Vendor status, meaning it incorporates all of the required RSR data elements and functions necessary to generate XML data for RSR submission to HRSA.
  • A HIVQUAL module that allows for the collection and review of data markers necessary for quality program reporting.
  • Advanced reporting functions that can measure HIV surveillance, quality measures and benchmarking.
  • A clinical status tab that provides a snapshot of a patient's HIV medical condition. These data are also searchable by HIV status, HIV lab results, and antiretroviral therapy.
  • A Ryan White subsection in the visit notes tab that provides a checklist of Ryan White categories a user can assign to a patient visit, and catalogue for future reporting needs.
  • Results section includes labs, HIV resistance, Radiology, and Pathology sections. The labs screen highlights laboratory results and the color coded values alert the user when test results are outside of normal ranges.
  • HIV Resistance Results can be viewed in a list view or longitudinally looking at mutation or genotypic-phenotypic trends by antiretroviral drug and drug classes. These data are stored as discrete data elements for comparison, searching, and reporting.
  • Data mining and versatile query functions for research projects, grant applications or data analysis for clinical trial feasibility.

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