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Welcome to the AVIGA™ User Community

An investment in AVIGA™ is much more than "just" a subscription software package; it connects our users to an exclusive group of HIV/AIDS clinicians and healthcare providers in a collaborative fashion in an effort to improve patient management and optimize outcomes.

Each individual site uses an AVIGA™ product in different ways to meet the needs of their unique settings and purposes. Those experiences shape the collective wisdom found within the AVIGA™ user community. Some users capitalize on AVIGA™ for its fully functional electronic health record (EHR) attributes, others use it as an adjunctive EHR or interface for capturing data, and still others want only the reporting functions. Collectively through the AVIGA™ user community and in controlled settings, sites can have an opportunity to interact with each other, to problem-solve, to communicate how AVIGA™ is used at their site, share best practices, or discover new ways to use the product.

It is easy to participate in user community activities, as we convene via online meetings and teleconferences. In the future there may be an in-person meeting. The AVIGA™ user community goes beyond just discussion about HIV/AIDS or AVIGA™ product improvements. Past forums used to connect users have focused on issues surrounding Meaningful Use, new and different ways to use AVIGA™ and other services Janssen Diagnostics, LLC can provide that are of value to our users.

Janssen Diagnostics, LLC incorporates regular feedback from users to continually update, develop and improve upon the functionalities of AVIGA™. To learn more about upcoming AVIGA™ User Community activities, contact us at, .

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On February 2nd, 2012, Virco Lab, Inc.
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